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Neil Davis Founder & Resident Wellbeing Engineer

Hi im Neil and my passions in life are Music and Wellbeing.
Ive spent nearly 20 years working in Health & Wellness all over the world as a Holistic Therapist & Coach, and Educator, helping people and communities upgrade their internal and external worlds by optimising their Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle.
My deep immersion into all aspects of health and wellbeing has taken me all over the world. Whether its been; optimising human performance as a University Lecturer and Researcher, leading the Athlete Performance department for World Cup sports teams and Olympic Athletes in New Zealand and Latvia, assisting people to work through trauma and deepen their self connection with Mind Therapies, Breathwork and Sound Therapy in Mexico, or running a busy Pain Management Clinic in the UK, ive always believed that by looking at the wholistic picture of ones Self, and with a bit of guidance, we have the innate skills to heal ourselves and live any dream we consciously create.

Music has been my original passion and channel for my creative expression since my introduction to the dance music scene in South Africa in the mid 90's. It has given me the opportunity to live out my dreams over the last 20 years as an Artist, DJ & Event Curator all over the world from; New Zealand to Eastern Europe, Singapore to Spain, Australia to Mexico and the UK, where i now live.
Today i mix my passions in wellbeing and music; working one to one, teaching courses in health & wellbeing, and curating & managing wellbeing events and stages for music labels and festivals, in the UK & Europe.

BUT... lifes not always been so positive. My greatest gift in life came in 2012, while taking a break from wellness to focus on music and the dream of opening a venue in London. The challenges i experienced, the anxieties and the stress i placed on myself to be a success led to years of internal struggles, self sabotage and disconnection resulting in breakdowns, "severe depression",  addictions, numerous hospitalisations and rehab.
Painful, humbling and somewhat ironic after 10+ years researching & teaching wellbeing to others. The humble road to recovery began with putting me first and focussing on my self care which guided me to delve deep into study leading me to complete a second Masters in 2018, this time in stress and pain management alongside a variety of mind-body trauma therapies.
I'm eternally grateful for all of my experiences that have deeply enriched my life and drive to bridge the gap between wellbeing and music and continue giving back to an industry that has been central to my life for 20+years.

Charmain Berry - Resident Psychetherapist

Hi im Charmain im a qualified psychetherapist with over 20 years’ experience in this field with training and qualifications in Counselling, CBT, EMDR, Internal Family Systems and Comprehensive Resource Model.

My fascination and drive I have to understand how to best help others find a deeper sense of Self and open-heartedness, has lead to my broad and discerning knowledge of therapeutic modalities and spiritual teachings, enabling me to develop a special blend of intuitive, trauma informed therapies.
Ive been blessed to have worked with over 1000 people with beautifully rich and diverse life experiences and have been honoured to witness and collaborate on many transformational journeys. I believe that healing is possible for everyone.

Music has always been central to my journey in life whether as an avid clubber and techno lover since the early 90’s, through to today supporting my husband’s historic record store in Manchester, Eastern Bloc Records.

Jamie Karehana  -  Resident Wellbeing Engineer

Hi my name is Jamie, I am originally from New Zealand and I have been in the fitness industry, working all over the world for over 18 years.
I am currently a PTA Global Master Trainer & PT Manager and am grateful to have the opportunity to travel the world and help educate groups or individuals either lecturing in New Zealand and Australia, working in both community & corporate health organizations or running workshops in South East Asia and the Middle East.

I specialize in holistic wellbeing teaching and helping clients with all aspects of wellbeing from stress management and nutrition to better movement through corrective exercise, manual therapies, strength & conditioning and class based fitness classes.
I am passionate about helping individuals fulfill their potential by creating communities of like minded people who are positive, supportive, motivated & committed. My coaching style and providing support using the right tools are my trademark to ensure your health, fitness & wellness journey is a success.

Music for me is life. Whether dancing, performing, playing an instrument or singing music has been central to the way ive been brought up.  Since i can remember music brought our whanau (family), hapu (village) or iwi (tribe) together to express ourselves, celebrate and continue the traditions of our ancestors.

Whether it's programming wellness activities for Anjunadeep Explorations or developing educational content for our audience, it is always a pleasure to collaborate with Neil and his team.

Annie Norman (Anjunabeats & Anjunadeep Event Manager)

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